Thalipeeth Bhajani [Multigrain Mix]
Thalipeeth Bhajani [Multigrain Mix]

Thalipeeth Bhajani [Multigrain Mix]


Thalipeeth flour is a unique blend of various flours and spices used to make thalipeeth, a flavorful and nutritious pancake (Vade). Thalipeeth is a very significant maharashtrian household dish, it is widely prepared and enjoyed in Maharashtra. We have tried to stay true to the way thalipeeth is prepared and we can assure you preparing thalipeeth with our ready mix will bring back certain nostalgia.

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Thalipeeth flour combines the nutritional benefits of multiple flours, providing a range of essential nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Dietary fiber:
Thalipeeth is a good source of dietary fiber, promoting healthy digestion, regulating bowel movements, and supporting gut health.

Energy booster:
Thalipeeth flour contains complex carbohydrates, supplying sustained energy levels and supporting an active lifestyle.

Protein content:
Thalipeeth flour, particularly with the addition of besan (chickpea flour), offers a protein boost, which is essential for muscle repair and overall body function.

Essential nutrients:
Thalipeeth includes various flours, each contributing its own set of nutrients such as iron, calcium, B vitamins, and antioxidants.

Traditional and cultural significance:
Thalipeeth holds cultural significance in Maharashtrian cuisine, and consuming it can be a way to connect with the culinary heritage of the region


Our Thalipeeth Bhajani Mix is made from traditionally stone grinding 100% natural whole Green Moong Dal, Chana Dal, Wheat, Rice Flakes(Poha) Jowar, various essential spices and salt into flour without any additives, preservatives or adulterations.

Storage & Shelf Life

Best before 30 Days from date of manufacturing, Fresher the better!
Store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, to maintain its quality

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