Meadow Khapli / Emmer Wheat Flour
Meadow Khapli / Emmer Wheat Flour

Meadow Khapli / Emmer Wheat Flour


Meadow Flour is made from an ancient strain/variety of wheat grain that has not been modified over the years, Khapli or Emmer Wheat. This makes the atta nutritionally superior with higher protein and fibre content for better satiety and digestion, Meadow is considered High in Fiber with Low Glycemic (Low GI), therefore it is also considered as Diabetic Friendly Atta.

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Protein Rich:
2X Protein Atta & high fiber for Ease in digestion, Khapli Wheat Flour is way more versatile than normal wheat atta.

Our Khapli wheat atta has a taste and texture comparable to regular wheat flour, thereby making it easy to work with. Rotis made using Meadow flour is extremely soft, fluffy, and nutritious.

Multiple Health Benefits:
Emmer Wheat or Khapli Wheat is being brought back in our regular day to day diet due to its high nutritive value, lower starch digestibility, high dietary fiber content, high satiety value and higher content of antioxidant compounds which has resulted in various health benefits.

Manages Blood Sugar Levels:
Khapli Wheat is gaining massive popularity and being used diversely due to its possible value for diabetics, nutrients from Meadow flour get slowly and efficiently absorbed by the body. This may help prevent sudden insulin spikes and promote sugar management.

Fresh (Made to Order):
Our flours are made only when you place your order, making you flours hours old. Thus redefining the word chakki fresh atta.

Stone Ground:
Meadow Khapli/Emmer Wheat flour is ground using ancient and traditional techniques of slow stone mill grinding,


Meadow is made up of traditionally stone milling of carefully sourced Whole Emmer Long Wheat, which is also known as Khapli Wheat.

Storage & Shelf Life

Best before 90 Days from date of manufacturing, Fresher the better!
Conventionally stored in tin boxes away from moisture and heat.

Weight 1 kg

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